Take Students on a Catholic Journey


What a journey through time as I wrote the lessons for The Catholic Community of the United States: Highlights from the Colonial Period through the Early Republic. I had a goal for my journey – a finished product in mind, but truly it was the journey that mattered most of all. The Catholic people of the past that I met, the events I experienced through their writings, the awe inspiring faith they shared with me made me a better person. I am prouder to be Catholic than I was before I began this journey. I realize now that I go forward in faith stronger and more passionate because of this journey – because I have met them.

Our children need to take this journey. If there ever was a time when our children need the fortitude and the zeal for their faith, it is now. This journey through time will be what inspires them to journey into the future with God at their side. These Catholics of the past can be examples of how to live, love and sacrifice well.  This book is my gift to students, but they need to be led. Within the few moments that teachers have in history class, during math instruction, while reading in Language Arts, or after prayer in Religion class, these lessons can be integrated into the school day. The children may not thank their teacher for the journey, but they will be blessed and, I dare say, so will the teacher.

Kim Lytle