The Catholic Community of the United States Series Complete


What a story we have to tell. As I researched and discovered our Catholic journey in the United States, I met phenomenal people who stood strong in the face of discrimination, hardships and challenges. As I glimpsed backward to the past, the people I found and the events I encountered helped me feel more determined to create my journey forward. Our students in middle school need to be introduced to our Catholic past so they will want to create a Catholic future for themselves and our country.

The Catholic Community of the United States, a three-part series, is now complete with the availability of Part III, the Catholic community of the 20th century. What made the research on this third part so interesting was that I recalled so many of the events and Catholic practices from the second half of the 20th century.

The American Catholic experience has drastically changed since the mid-twentieth century. The Catholic culture I grew up in has become something of the past and rarely experienced by students of today.

Like all big cultural change, some aspects are good, while others leave us wanting.

I hope the lessons found in The Catholic Community of the United States provide teachers and students learning experiences which create encounters with who we have been as American Catholics.

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