The Catholic Community of the United States Series


Part I: Highlights from the Colonial Period through the Early Republic

Part II: Highlights from an Immigrant Church to an American Church

Part III: Highlights from the 20th Century, A Changing Catholic Culture

 – Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur Granted for All HCC Resources –


The Catholic Community of the United States offers students a survey of U.S. Catholic history and shares the story of the American Catholic community. Explore U.S. historical events from a Catholic perspective. Topics most relevant to middle school students, in academic studies and faith development, are included. Introduce students in middle school to our Catholic past to motivate their participation in a Catholic future.

Share the experiences of early missionaries. Study the appointment of the first U.S. bishop to the formation of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Examine the Catholic perspective on each war from the French and Indian War to the Vietnam War. Learn about all the United States saints. Discover the growth of Catholic ministries – education, hospitals and orphanages – from their start through the 20th century.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When could I use these materials?
Lessons are designed to supplement the social studies program. Lessons can also be integrated into language arts, math and religion classes.

How much time do I need to cover a lesson?
Lessons can be covered in as little as 15 minutes while others can take up to 50 minutes.

Can I copy the student handouts from the teacher manual?  
You can make up to 25 copies of each student page with each teacher manual.

Has this material been approved?
A nihil obstat and an imprimatur from the bishop of the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania, have been received for all HCC resources.

Won’t some of this material already be covered in history texts?
Possibly, but not from the Catholic perspective. These lessons focus on Catholic historical figures, stories of saints, Catholic involvement in historical events, etc.

Are the lessons connected? Do I have to teach them in order?
Lessons are designed to stand alone. They can be done in any order.

What grade level?
The lessons are engaging for sixth through eighth grade students.

What if our social studies program does not match the divisions of the three-part series?
Student packets are hole punched, not bound, so materials can be separated to match whatever themes are selected for the school’s middle school social studies program. At the conclusion of this HCC series, students will have a complete collection of the history of the Catholic community of the United States.