The Catholic Community of the United States: Highlights from the 20th Century, A Changing Catholic Culture


Teacher Manual

Price: $30

• 107-page spiral-bound book contains 34 lessons with worksheets
and activities for 6th-8th grade students

• Lessons are easily integrated into social studies classes,
language arts and math

• Lessons contain clear procedures and engaging activities

• Follow-up ideas for projects, assignments or family activities

• Color cover with black and white pages

• Student handouts can be copied up to 25 times

• Nihil obstat and imprimatur


Student Packet

Price: $4

• 54-page, shrink-wrapped packet contains all handouts
and activity sheets referenced in the 34 lessons

• 3-hole punched pages fit easily into students’ own binders

• Activities include foldables, historic photos, source documents, graphs, graphic organizers, etc.

• Provide each student with a Catholic history resource

• Great family resource on Catholic story of the U.S.

• Printed in black and white

• Nihil obstat and imprimatur





Classroom Kit Promotion

Price: $100 – Save $10!

• Includes 1 Teacher Manual and 20 Student Packets



Product Descriptions

The Teacher Manual for The Catholic Community of the United States: Highlights from the 20th Century, A Changing Catholic Culture contains lesson plans and student pages for 34 lessons for sixth through eighth grade students. These lessons can be incorporated into social studies classes, with some lessons connected to math and language arts standards. Each lesson can be completed within a 15 to 50 minute time frame.

Lessons in Part III focus on United States Catholic history from 1910 – 2000, including significant Catholics, historical events from a Catholic perspective and changes to the Catholic culture during this time period. Each lesson plan contains clear procedures, engaging student activities, a form of assessment and ideas for lesson follow-up.  Student activities range from using source documents, such as meeting invitations and newsreels, to using the League of Decency’s movie rating scale. The follow-up activities can be used as class projects, student assignments or family activities.

The Student Packet for The Catholic Community of the United States: Highlights from the 20th Century, A Changing Catholic Culture contains all the student handouts that align with the 34 lessons found in the Teacher Manual. Handouts will be made into foldables, graphic organizers, conversation match-ups, etc. The resources found in the student packet can be a great family resource as well. There are 54 pages of student activities in this packet.

The Classroom Kit for The Catholic Community of the United States: Highlights from the 20th Century, A Changing Catholic Culture is a special packaging of the Teacher Manual and 20 Student Packets. With this product, a teacher can eliminate the time needed to copy student sheets and each student will have his or her own Catholic history resource. This collection of handouts is hole punched for easy integration into students’ binders.

Frequently Asked Questions

When could I use these materials?
Lessons are designed to supplement the social studies program. Lessons can also be integrated into language arts, math and religion classes.

How much time do I need to cover a lesson?
Lessons can be covered in as little as 15 minutes while others can take up to 50 minutes.

Can I copy the student handouts from the teacher manual?  
You can make up to 25 copies of each student page with each teacher manual.

Has this material been approved?
A nihil obstat and an imprimatur from the bishop of the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania, have been received for all HCC resources.

Won’t some of this material already be covered in history texts?
Possibly, but not from the Catholic perspective. These lessons focus on Catholic historical figures, stories of saints, Catholic involvement in historical events, etc.

Are the lessons connected? Do I have to teach them in order?
Lessons are designed to stand alone. They can be done in any order.

What grade level?
The lessons are engaging for sixth through eighth grade students.

Are there additional Catholic history resources in this series?
Two more books are in this series. Part I covers the 16th-18th centuries. Part II highlights the the 19th century.

What if our social studies program does not match the divisions of the three-part series?
Student packets are hole punched, not bound, so materials can be separated to match whatever themes are selected for the school’s middle school social studies program. At the conclusion of this HCC series, students will have a complete collection of the history of the Catholic community of the United States.