Dear Homeschool Parent

Dear Homeschool Parent,

The History of the Catholic Community is a business with a single purpose – to bring the story of the Catholic people alive and make this story relevant to students. Our small family business is dedicated to creating Catholic history resources. I hold both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. I have worked with students in Catholic education for over 25 years. I am passionate about teaching and sharing the Catholic faith with
young people.

Our products offer lessons on saints, missionaries, work of religious orders, church ministries, as well as historical information about dioceses. These social studies, language arts and math lessons teach Catholic history of yesterday and today. We make sure that our resources receive a nihil obstat and imprimatur. Each lesson is complete with a detailed lesson plan and engaging student activities. Students assemble puzzles, interpret source documents, create graphic organizers and much more. Follow-up and service project ideas particularly lend themselves to a homeschool setting. These can be implemented on a family-level and apply to a variety of grade levels.

As Catholic homeschooling families answer the call to educate, we hope our resources can support you in those efforts. We all share in the mission to teach Catholic history, to tell our Catholic story. Students using these resources will take pride in the Catholic story of those who have gone before them and will be motivated to bring to life their own Catholic journey.

May God bless your efforts,
Kimberly Lytle

History of the Catholic Community
Owner and Author