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Featured in Faith Magazine


Author and Owner of History of the Catholic Community, Kimberly Lytle, and The Catholic Community of Pennsylvania: Past and Present were featured in Faith, the magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania.


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A post-print correction was made by Faith magazine changing
13 dioceses to 8 dioceses.


A Company with a Single Purpose


History of the Catholic Community is a business that has a single purpose –

to bring the story of the Catholic people alive and make this story relevant to students in elementary and middle school.

Students using these resources will take pride in the Catholic story of those that have gone before them and
will be motivated to bring to life their own Catholic journey.

As Catholic schools in the United States struggle to maintain and heighten their Catholic identity, many teachers and administrators find themselves with resources in the classroom that are no different than the neighboring public schools in the subjects excluding religion.

As educators work diligently to make connections across curriculum areas and to make associations between subject areas, the Catholic school teacher finds herself at a loss when it comes to Catholic history. History texts and resources are non-religious and do not tell the story of the Catholic Church or the Catholic community.

What is needed in the educational market are Catholic history resources that can be integrated into history classes as a companion to the current history texts.Teachers are quick to tell anyone that will listen that there is too much to teach and too little time to teach. Therefore, these resources, if they are to be practical and valuable, must be time sensitive, highly engaging and easily integrated into class instruction. These are the attributes of the resources produced by the History of the Catholic Community.

The teacher manuals with student activities and student workbooks are meant to be 15 to 50 minute lessons that can be integrated into history classes, language arts classes, and/or religion classes. Each lesson is connected to national standards and uses a wide variety of strategies to keep students engaged.

Our Catholic story needs to be told. Our young people need to develop a pride in their Church and the people that have answered the call to live out their faith. This learning will drive them to want to create their own story and be part of the Catholic community today and tomorrow.

Meet the Author


Kimberly Lytle has been in Catholic education in Pennsylvania for over 25 years as a teacher, principal and Director of Curriculum. She holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Mathematics and Religious Education and Master’s Degrees in School Administration and Religious Education. She is passionate about teaching and sharing the Catholic faith with young people.